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About Us

TMC Hosting specialise in small and large-scale I.T. projects for your business.

We help to take away the stress of IT by taking care of services such as: emails, VoIP, Windows AD, local file storage, cloud storage, and much more.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable technicians and engineers.
  • Consistent pricing that will not change.
  • Unique solutions for your business.

At TMC Hosting, we pride ourselves with customer satisfaction. Our team is available around the clock for remote and in-person support. We also take the time to show you and your end-users how to operate our software along with any other cloud-based software you require.


Here are our most common services that we have to offer. If you require any specific service, please get in touch for more information!

Windows / Active Directory

Active Directory allows you to link all of your Windows machines into a secure manageable network, meaning users can log in to multiple machines with the same account.

Email Mailboxes

We provide custom mailboxes (i.e. [email protected]) compatible with iPhone, Outlook, and much more. Starting from £1.99 / month.

Internet Services

We can provide and install secure business-grade networking equipment for your office, allowing quick and stable access to the internet.

File Servers / NAS

All sensitive business files need be stored securely. We will install and configure your own on-premise servers to give your users secure network access to their files.

Website Design & Hosting

TMC Hosting specialise in website development and hosting solutions. We can design you fully customisable websites and host them in our fast and secure private cloud.

Cloud Solutions

Not sure if on-premise servers are the right choice for you? We offer advice and installation solutions for both hybrid and cloud-based services.

Anything Else?

Need more information? Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote! We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer remote support as well as in-person support for all of our clients. No matter how small or large the issue is, a TMC Hosting engineer will be ready and happy to help.

  • Yes! We provide daily encrypted backup services of your data to our own TMC datacentres as well as the cloud*. This means that there is always 1 copy of your data stored securely in the case of a disaster.

    * Cloud backups may incur additional costs.

  • Our datacentres are all located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. We also make use of cloud services for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to speed up our clients’ websites.

  • We don’t provide quotes based on packages. Instead, we quote only for the services you require. For example, you might already have a fully functional VoIP and email service but require stronger Wi-Fi and faster PCs. We will only provide your no-obligation quote for the precise services you require from us.

  • We offer monthly and yearly billing cycles. If you decide to pre-pay, we give you some great discounts on our ongoing pricing. A one-year prepayment gives you 2 free months free!

  • Yes, we offer extensive discounts off our services for charities. Not a charity, but think you may be eligible for a discount? Please, get in touch.

Our Team

We are a small team with experience in all aspects of IT. From software development to hardware installations, physical networking to cloud platforms, we have the know-how to empower your IT needs.

Sam Townsend

Sam Townsend

Founder / Lead Systems Engineer

[email protected]

Ethan Sharp

Ethan Sharp

Solution Partner

[email protected]

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Having problems with our services? Use our status page to check if there are any problems at our end.

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